Alexandra P

I'm really torn, because once my bike arrived, I was actually pretty happy with it. The 5 stars are for the bike. It's great. The rest of the low rating is because I had very little help from customer support. I sent 3 emails that went unanswered. PureFix cancelled my first order without telling me it hadn't processed. I had to call and find out that my order had not been processed (even though I received a confirmation), and would not be shipped. That was after a week of waiting. Then I was told my bike would ship "that day", it definitely did not. Another week went by, and I had still not received a shipping confirmation. I had to call and follow up yet another time to make sure the order was actually processed. It shipped days after my last phone call. It took a month for me to get my bike, when it was supposed to take a week. I would probably recommend people buy bikes in store as I had a lot of issues with ordering through your site.