Alexis S

The bike I purchased was out of stock. I did not find that out until I called to inquire about it's shipping status. The employees seemed very unorganized and unpleasant to talk to. They did not provide any apologies or solutions for not notifying me that the bike was out of stock. I was simply charged for a bike that you all did not have and had no product offered as a solution. Also, when the order was finally cancelled, the refund was not released. I then had to call back almost a week later to have them correct the cancellation and release the refund. After all this, my wife and I have decided to never purchase from this company and to also not recommend this company. Complete nightmare and we were really looking forward to purchasing an additional bike at a later date. What really bothered me is all of the initiative for me to reach out to you guys about the bike, shipping, refund, and cancellation issues. Not once did I receive an email regarding the product being out of stock or a list of accommodations. It was basically like the message was oh well, we don't have your bike and we don't want to offer you anything else so what do you want us to do about it. Instead there should have been an apology for basically everything that took place and they should have at least tried to retain me as a customer. Lesson learned. We found another company and have received a great bike and plan to order another one very soon.