I really like the bike. Truly. Love the bike. But I have two regrets regarding my purchase (1) utilizing the "bylt" bike shop pick-up. The bike shop selected was not actually in my neighborhood. The bike ended up arriving to the shop damaged. It took several weeks to get the replacement part. Which required several trips to the store and back. I don't know if this was due to confusion between the shop and pure cycle, but it was a disappointing process that I hoped would go smoother based on the advertised ease. In the end, I felt like it was a waste of my money and time. If I were to do it over, I would have delivered to my home for free and taken it to my actual local bike shop to have it assembled. Although this would not change the fact that parts arrived damage, it would have at least saved me the time and frustration of going back and forth to a bike shop that was out of the way (2) Less than a month after purchasing, the bike goes on sale (albeit in a slightly different color). So I definitely wouldn't recommend someone think about purchasing a bike without waiting for your sale. (I have only myself to blame for this one). Again- love the bike. Disappointed in the process.