chris g

I ordered a bike and received and email next working day with the bill. I chose bike shop delivery. The email stated it would take 1-3 working days to contact local shop, and 1-3 days for shipping. The contacting local shop took 2 weeks and shipped shortly after. I wouldn't been bothered if the email said 2 weeks or 5-10 working days to process the order and all that. I did email support in regards of the long delay and the response I got was "Sorry for the delay. Looks like you ordered a Fully Assembled Bike Shop Pickup and these can take a few extra days to process." Yes I know it was going to be little longer to ship and contact a local shop, but the process was longer than what the order confirmation email stated. The total time to contact me just to tell me which shop to pick up at was 10 working days and shipped the next. The shop received the bike and told me they cant release the bike because the company didn't send them a check for them to build it for me. I have to wait till the shop has received their payment. I really appreciate the quality of the bikes and products (rate 10/10) , but as far as customer service and communication I would give a 1/10. Overall great bikes, but wish communication and service would match.