Christain B

I would love to tell you why I chose 1: Although the bikes look nice, the quality and service is a different story. I received my bike in the mail extremely excited. I opened the box and unwrapped everything. The first thing I was going to do was put the front wheel into the fork (like your directions say in your video), but I could not because the fork was machined wrong and the front wheel axel could not fit in. For the record, I am completely aware of your policy that highly recommends taking this bike to a "professional" bike store to finish the remaining 10% of assembly (aka the easiest parts - front wheel, handlebar/brake, and saddle). I called your customer service and they told me to email them with a picture. So I did. I waited until the night and still no answer back. I waited until the next day into the mid-afternoon and after hearing nothing I finally decided to call back again and they said they would have somebody look into it. Finally, I received an email a few hours later saying, "it sounds like I tried to put it together myself and I did not take it to a professional bike shop. Please take it to them because it should be an easy fix". Really? Anyone can put a front wheel into the axel and tighten the bolts. But the worst part is that I couldn't even believe that I received a *brand new* bike and I am the one responsible for this bike defect. I called around and found a bike shop that would put together my bike for a reasonable price and charge me no extra for fixing the fork, no thanks to Pure Fix Cycles. Also, I noticed one of my air valve caps was missing and I contacted customer service again via email and they told me, "Pure Fix doesn't sale them and that I actually don't need them". So now I have only one air valve cap. Awesome. Anyways, the bike shop successfully fixed the fork and put together my new bike, but then called me and told me my handle bar was slightly bent. I could not believe it. I went in to pick it up and decided not to even worry about contacting customer service about the handlebar because of the hassle I already had with Pure Fix Cycles and how I would probably be the one blamed for this. I work in the mobile app industry and this is *never* how I want my customers to feel. I now have my bike and I enjoy riding it with a bent handlebar and one air valve cap missing. I could never see myself recommending Pure Fix to one of my friends or family. Actually, I would not even recommend them to a stranger for that matter. I was blinded by how nice your bicycles look and that is the only reason I chose 1 instead of 0.