Christopher R

I love how the bikes are customizable, but I really love how you sell bikes for people taller than 6 feet and 4inches tall. Because of this I have to tell every tall person like me that there's hope in finding a bike for tall people. I also got a discount for my video submission, you have awesome completions to help more people ride bikes. I'm a fan of your company and the awesome YouTube videos. I really respect this company. I inspired my best friend across the country to buy a fixed gear bike , because I showed him how resonanly priced your products are. I also like how you also sell accessories for bikes and the amazing revlo lights. I could could go on, but that would make this a really long email. I have one suggestion, and that is: could y'all open a bike store or something for the New Oreleans area. Half of the people in the city don't own cars. If you can't I'm still a big fan.