David S

I bought the uniform so I got to make $100 donation and get a bike for $229. I think that even at $329 (I bought one for my daughter at a local bike shop The Delta) the bike was a great intro to fixies. The bike was shipped promptly, I got it in a couple of days, everything was perfect, it went together easily and I am enjoying it immensely. I not only 'would' recommend the bicycle and your company, I have recommended to more than a dozen people that they check out your website and or buy a Purefix bicycle at the LBS. I also like your Internet presence and I like what I have been able to discover about your company (promotion of cycling, local involvement and international charity- to cite some.) your company seems to be the kind that I would like to have if I were to start a company. I am proud to ride a bicycle with the Purefix head tube plate and Purefix decals on it.