Emily M

There are a few reasons why I would recommend Pure Fix to others. Firstly, I ordered a few accessories as a gift for a friend's birthday online a week or so ago. I was worried I wouldn't get them in time, so I emailed you guys and asked if the order could be filled as soon as possible because I wanted to give it to her in time. The same day I got a response from Jason Rivera from Inside Sales thanking me for the email and saying how my friend was lucky to have someone like me by their side. He didn't promise me any sort of fast shipping or special service, but the fact that he replied and was so sweet and genuine really made my day. I didn't expect much back from the email, but that really was so cool. Then, a day before my friend's birthday, my packages arrived in the mail, in perfect condition! It was perfect. I couldn't have asked for a better buying experience. Also, another reason I would recommend Pure Fix is simple. You guys make a great bike. I rode my friend's bike when I saw her that weekend and it was not only a gorgeous bike (she has the Papa) but it rode so smoothly. It was a really well-made bike. Overall, I love what Pure Fix stands for and how you make biking fun for all. I am a big believer in an active lifestyle and Pure Fix is a company that makes that possible. I will most definitely be recommending Pure Fix to all my friends, and possibly even invest in a bike and some accessories myself ;) I wish you all the best of luck. From, Emily May