Gary R

I ordered a great looking helmet as a gift for a friend and while I was at it a new set of contrast bars for me. The site was very difficult to navigate on my mobile device but I was determined, so I got out the laptop to finish the order. The order confirmation stated 3 to 5 days to process the order. I thought that was a bit long for an online enterprise order but i was determined to be patient. A week later I got a call from customer service informing me that the bars were out of stock and wanting to know how to proceed. Thinking the bars were just a treat for me anyway I told them to cancel the bars and go ahead with the gift helmet. He told me he'd get that out that day. Great, still enough time for the gift window. After one more week all patience had dissipated so I called customer service to track the shipment. The helmet still hadn't shipped and I was totally out of time. So I cancelled the order and bought the same helmet locally for the same price. I think you need to sharpen your online enterprise or maybe just cater to your local customers .