Gerald R

Read reviews online before purchasing. Should have known right then this was a bad idea. Bike was back ordered (which would have been fine if someone notified me and I didn't have to call 10 days later to find out myself this was the case) Assembled bike myself. not my first time assembling a bike. Everything was fine with the exception of the back tire not holding air. Contacted Pure Fix and was told to take my bike to a local shop because I probably punctured the tire in the less than 1/4 mile I rode the bike to test it. I realize this is a possibly but highly unlikely. After re-inflating the tire multiple times I narrowed it down to a leaky valve. The email I received from customer service was essentially a passive way of saying there is nothing we are going to do about it until you go to the local shop. I don't need to go to the shop to have them tell me what I already know.