Jasen G

I personally like the bike a lot, it's become my daily commuter and I can't see that changing any time soon. I've hung my Trek up in the basement because I like my Pure Fix more. I have a better riding experience on the Pure Fix. But I've only had the bike for three weeks - that's hardly enough time for me to make base any opinions about the brand. I've put on roughly 150 miles on the bike so far, and the quality seems to be ok. But I'd like to see what shape the bike is in after 5,000 miles before I make any kind of recommendation to my friends. Unfortunately, the Internet and bike culture groups tend to be less than fair to your brand. While I don't allow my opinions be controlled by fan boys and complaint departments, I also will take the time to mild my own opinion. I'd recommend your brand to a friend, but I'd also make a recommendation for them to do their home work and make their own decisions while taking my recommendation into consideration.