Jim B

I love Pure Cycles bikes! I've been riding my last one for 3 years (which I bought in a store), so I was thrilled to get a new one that I knew would be great quality and last me another few years. Ordering online was a bit of a nightmare though and I would NOT recommend it to others, unless they do it through a website like Amazon or something. 1) the website has, or had at the time, sizing guides that had conflicting information. How big is a "small" bike? Depends where you click. Super nerve-wracking because I'm right on the borderline (5'2") so I felt like I was making the wrong decision no matter what. 2) There was ZERO clarity around when I would receive the bike!! It was about 2 weeks from the order date, which really surprised me. I'm used to being able to select a delivery date range and receive custom tracking that shows the progress. In this case, I didn't get any tracking updates for a week, had to actually reach out to the PC team to ask for a delivery date, and ultimately got my bike delivered to my door fully assembled like 3 weeks after I ordered it. Anyway, this whole process made me super anxious and I would probably not recommend that others use your website to order a bike, unless they just.... don't care when they get the bike I guess.