Justin Y

I received no updates on when I would get my bike other than the order confirmation email, which told me it would ship to the mechanic in 3-5 business days. After 2 weeks I contacted support, waited 2 days to get a response and when I did they had no explanation of what had happened to my bike. They sent out another bike to a mechanic and I have waited another week. I was told by the purefix team my bike would arrive to me by the end of the week. Saturday rolls around and I haven't heard anything apart from that it has been delivered to an address that isn't my own. Had to find the mechanics number myself and follow up with him. He is supposed to be delivering the bike today. I really think you need to give more information and updates to people getting their bikes built through you. At every step of the way I waited a lot longer than I was told and eventually had to contact you to get my bike delivered. Would not recommend based on my experience with your customer service. Hopefully the bike is good though, fingers crossed.