Kerry S

Everything about the buying experience was great, site is easy to navigate, prices are very fair, shipping was fast, and the bike was delivered as advertised. The only issue is the obvious lack in "quality." Yes this is a budget bike but some components like the front hand brake are made from extremely soft aluminum, and is quite easy to strip when putting it together. One other issue is the how un true the wheel are. I received some very very out of balance wheels. While not a big issue, it is still something that I believe the company should try and take care of for a bike that is supposedly ready to use after assembly. One idea that I think would be great for you guys is a build you're own bike section. You have all of theses great parts and so many people dying to customize. Why not give them the option on the site? If you ever need anyone to possible head and run that section, I'd be glad to come out and give you a hand. As well as that I am a graphic designer and marketin specialist. If anything arises id love to jump in and help out. Overall, extremely satisfied. Just need to pick up a few loose ends is all. Great work pure fix! Thanks!! -Daniel