Lisa C

Well, I ride almost only pure fix, as you make my favorite complete fixie's for a few reasons. I used to be into elite road bikes and carbon fiber and what not, then I moved to New Orleans, turned 20, and I realized im trying to sacrifice weight and comfort when I have all of these components on my hands. So I bought myself a sly standard Juliet build to try out to one gear life. it was incredible, and more fun to ride. Then I switched it to a fixed gear, and then I was simply changed. The workout, the connectivity, and simply the anxiety i feel when i'm not riding my bike are a few of the things I love about it. Im always around extremely nice velo racing frames, but all of the super aerodynamic trendy ones I tried out seemed to lack the character I found in my pure fix. So i upgraded to a keirin frame, and it was everything i was expecting and more. Now I have a bad-ass all black keirin original with your 60mm black rims and drop bars, and a sickkk mardi-gras free style pure fix based off of the juliet frame. I'm loving your bikes. Keep up the good work!