Marlon W

My score has nothing to do with the bike, I love the look and feel of my bike. My score was based on customer service. My first interaction was good – I called in and asked to add a back break to my order and to switch my bike from the India to the Mike. When my bike came I received the India. What happened next is why I gave it a 5, I called in Monday after submitting my request to exchange the bike over the weekend. I was told all I needed was a return label (PDF) at 9:30am, I called in around 12 because I hadn’t gotten anything in my email and wanted to return the bike during lunch, same response I should get the return label shortly. Later at 3pm I called in again after not getting anything in my email and was told Mondays are busy and that I would see the return label shortly, 4:30pm still nothing so I called in and spoke to a different rep who I told I would hold on until I got the return label, after holding for a few minutes I received the label. I was told that once you guys(pure fix) knew the bike was on its way the new bike would be sent out. I called in Mid-day Tuesday with tracking information from Fed-Ex and was told your new bike is on its way, I said great hung up the phone. I later sent an email that same day asking for my tracking number, no response so I waited until the following day around 4pm Wed. to call in and then asked for the tracking number, I was told my bike hasn’t shipped yet. I asked why when I can see you guys received the previous bike on Tuesday and I was told my new bike was on its way. At this point I just gave up calling in. Later that week Friday came around and I got the tracking number and received my bike again on Saturday where if there was another issue nobody would be around to deal with it. I’m more upset about the reps ability to set correct expectations and provide clear communication. I was left waiting, provided bad information and feel like all and all the experience was very poor. I wanted to buy accessories from your website but every time I go on there I think about my bad experience and stop. Love my bike but wish things would’ve been different. Thanks, Marlon Westby