Michael V

The reason why I chose to rate a 10 to PureFix as a referral is because the quality of the bike assembly, your customer service has quick response and is very knowledgeable, the variety of parts and styles of your bicycles gives the customer a wide range of choices to build a bicycle that fits their personality and style of riding, the one thing I honor PureFix is that they have a big support for college life and I think that is a big deal because with this day and age things are getting harder to obtain financially and transportation here in Los Angeles area is the poorest type of public transportation, cars are getting too pricey and so is gasoline, I also love the option of the micro bike frames that is offered because it gives kids the opportunity to fit in to the fixed geared/cycling world. I haven't seen many kids on the street cycling and getting around since I was a kid and by offering that option kids can fit on frames and have the style of the bigger framed bikes that they can not properly fit on. I refer PureFix because it is a local shop even though I am from the Valley and the shop is located in Burbank. I support local shops and small businesses especially if they back the college life.