Nicole L

I've had your original style, the deep v's paint wears off quickly and breaks squeak running a line through that the style was pointless. Just got the Kennedy and the bike shop and I both find it cheap, needing a new hub since the freewheel clinks w rotation. The bike is sent set as freewheel but with one break which does t meet the state laws for Minnesota rusting abd your staff sent me a dick comment about how it technically meets the requirements because it can be a fixed gear but it's not sent as one. If I buy your bike at my lob it has the second beak, is set w all the quirks worked out with any crap parts replaced and at the same price you sell if for online, no extra charges to be put together to get a warranty, no extra charges for the second brake to meet state requirements and no extra money to replace cheap parts it was originally sent with and no waiting or deal with your jerk customer support or bs telling me to pay hundreds of dollars more if I buy it from you. I Have told everyone how much extra is cost to buy my crap bike from you than if I had bought the bike from Eriks bike shop that sells your original at 349, same as you, put the door no extra costs that I had and will have to pay. Also, the Kennedy is t set for a rack which is ridiculous for a commuter bike, wtf sense does that make? Worst decision in s every direction.