Norma G

Few reason why I chose 8. -1 for when i received my bike the free wheel side makes an awful clicking sound kinda like the chain wants to snap -1 because when I break the breaks make a really embrassing sound took me a long time reading blogs to find out that it was because of the paint on the rim, I think a small discriptin under the breaks section on the site should state that this may happen. Other wise I'm satisfied with my bike! Actually one more thing I think another description should be added that a foot strip is needed when on the fixed side few days ago doing about 15 miles standing up I tried to break with the pedals and the pedal flipped me other the bars YouTube told me that would happen Pure fix channel said its kinda like ridding when you was a kid it's not, kid bike don't pedal backwards they break that's why kids don't flip over, fixies pedal backwards but if youre going forwards the weight/speed/force on the pedals standing up could kill you driving with traffic on the streets.