Paula J

I wasn't thrilled with the costumer service aspect of my purecycles experience. I placed an order for a bike with shipping to a local shop. After a week, I still didn't get a shipment update as I was told I would after 2 business days. I called twice with promises that the bike would be shipped that day. Finally on the third phone call, I find out my bike hadn't shipped because it was missing a part. My choice was to wait 6 weeks for the model I wanted, or to switch to another model and get the difference refunded. I chose to get a bike now instead of wait. Finally I get my bike from the shop (that part went smoothly) except there is a dent in the back fender! The bike shop owner said it came out of the box that way and he even tried to fix it before I picked it up. I believe him as this shop owner proved his integrity went above and beyond by teaching me about the bike, and giving me really helpful pointers, that he didn't have to do as I wasn't paying him. Anyway, I like the idea of purecycles, but was not thrilled with the lack of communication in this situation. I would send my friends to the bike shop (school of bike) to buy a ready made bike than to order online from purecycles.