Philip L

Well if I can send you guys some pictures of my bikes, then you'll know what I'm talking bout. I have 2 pure fix bike, both 50cm. My first one was bought brand new and its the "Zulu". Just recently got me the "November" also. Both customized by myself and I love it. I love the frame of pure fix, I love how it rides, I love everything about it. Check out my ig for some pictures. "Mistah.PorkChop" Only thing I don't like about my Zulu is that I can only have 1 bottle cage. I bought the Zulu when it first came out. If I'm correct, the late pure fix models only come with 1 bottle cage mount. Thanks guys. Keep doing what y'all doing. See y'all at the 6.26 event. Maybe I'll come to your booth and give you guys a hard time. Haha.