Robert S

The bike is awesome and the people I interacted with were super friendly, but a few things went wrong. I wanted to order white tires for the bike. I looked at the product specs and ordered that size. The next day I checked with someone via chat to confirm I ordered the right size (I probably should have done that first) and was told I ordered the wrong size. It looks like your website has been updated to show the correct size for the 43cm. I returned the original order and ordered what I thought was the correct size. Those tires arrived and when I went to put them on the bike, I realized i was told the incorrect tire size. I returned my second shipment of tires and ordered the correct size. At this point I noticed that the fender struts were mixed up and one was the incorrect size. So now I am waiting for replacement struts to arrive. It has been nearly 2 weeks and my fiance has yet to be able to ride her birthday present. It was just a lot of things that added up to an unpleasant experience post purchase. The bike also came with a damaged rear fender (shipping company's fault, not yours), which you guys did a great job rectifying. I got the replacement shipped to me in no time.