I have ordered two frames from pure cycles, both times it was a very bad experience. The first frame I ordered was a black glossy frame, it took one week for them to tell me they didn't have it. The substituted with a blemished frame. It was an older model, it had a big dent on the head, I had a very hard time making a round peg fit into a square hole. The frame was a blemish, that's why they didn't use it to make a full bike, just sold it, "as is". I tried my luck on a second frame, this time I ordered a white one. They sent the white one, but without forks. It too, was a blemish. It was obviously an older version, missing some features that I have come to expect on a pure fix frame. It only had one set of grommets for the water bottle cage, ( I can deal with that, but "just saying", I could tell it was older. It was blemished. Paint chipped off on the rear, highly visible. I was going for white because I wanted to build a nice new clean bike to look cool on Sundays, but not with an older style, blemished frame, with no decals or emblems whatsoever. If Pure Cycles cares about their brand, why do they leave off the decals? That's half the deal, I bought a Pure Fix because I wanted it to say "Pure Fix" right in front, on the head, with the cool emblem. I bought a Pure Fix frame from amazon and it came complete with all the emblems, two water bottle mounts and even had holes drilled in frame to insert screws to keep the chain tension. This older blemish I was sent did not have this feature. I felt I was a loyal, repeat customer who enjoys riding and working on and building bikes. I have made several purchases recently as I and my friend have been Pure Fix enthusiasts. We got involved in the style, the look. The "fixie" look. But there are many other fixie bikes and brands out there, you know who they are (Vilano). There are other bikes out there, just saying. I'm not going to buy another blemished frame from you again. I would rather purchase the entire bike just to get the frame than go through this "seconds" kind of treatment from you. Thanks for your time. I'm glad I had the chance to explain why I won't be purchasing from you again. P.S. When do I get my forks? Is there a tracking number that goes with it. Send me an email with tracking if you indeed have actually sent it. I don't believe it anymore. Something fishy going on here, and it smells bad.