Roman P

While I love my carbon road bike to death, I'm spending a small fortune on maintenance because I ride it to/from work, as well as train on it. Our mass transit system in DC is awful (just watch #wmata for a few days), so I needed to find a good way to get around without taking mass transit or my road bike. Plus, having a different type of workout would only make me a better racer. A fixed gear bike seemed perfect. Juliet is quickly becoming the best bike I own. I love the simplicity of fixed gear and I love how more connected I feel to my bike (if that makes sense). Juliet accelerates like a bat out of hell and seriously kicks my ass on the hilly terrain here in DC, giving me the tough workout I love. The buying experience was simple and the folks at The Bike Rack in Brookland were great and set me up quickly. Overall, I couldn't be happier. Cheers!