Sean F

I love my bike. I have put probably about 150 miles on it so far. I am a 10 because for the money, it is the best bike you can buy. The dimensions on it is no less than art. It is the perfect bike. Some feedback that I think will help you is really only 2 things. #1 the bottom bracket makes a lot of sound. I ride mine single speed. I will be replacing th BB soon. #2: I bought the foot straps through you, and they barely fit on my pedals. I had to force them through and now if I wanted to take them out I am sure they are ruined. I keep pulling threads off them and stuff. Your stock pedals aren't compatible. Those are things you expect in this price range though. That's why I give it a 10 because I have already referred you put. You can mark me as a promoter on your NPS score :)