Shannon P

Pure Cycles Los Angeles, CA I call bullshit. On the bottom of my Juliet frame there was a sticker that said "made in China"... I was very disappointed to find out Pure Cycles is not putting that information in the product discription. One of the reasons I bought the bike was because I would be supporting L.A. workers and a L.A. buisness... Living in L.A. and finding out my Pure Cycles bike was made in China was a major let down. The bike is a good bike, don't get me wrong. I just was wanting to help out L.A. as much as I could. Had I known ahead of time Pure Cycles was selling China made bikes, I would have just bought a cheaper China made bike from a company that sells a product of equal quality. I will not be recommending Pure Cycles for those who want to buy a bike made in there hometown.