Shawnay T

I was sent the wrong bike model. The error was made by your company. I emailed twice with no response. I called in and you guys said that I would have to return the incorrect bike model in order to get the correct model shipped. I was told that a return fedex label was being sent. 1 week went by and I heard nothing. Again, I emailed twice with no response. Called in and was told that it was complicated and nothing has been sorted. They said that they would ship the correct model right away. I asked for a fedex tracking number to be emailed to me to ensure it was shipped. 4 days goes by and I still did not receive a tracking number so I called again. You guys said that it had been shipped but the time stamp from fedex was right after I made that call. Customer service is incredibly poor. You don't respond to any emails. When I call, no one follows through with what they say on the phone. Dealing with your company has been a horrible experience. I will never recommend you guys to anyone. There are lots of similar companies who offer much better customer service. I am incredibly frustrated and unimpressed. All I want is my bike and it has been almost a month and I still haven't received my correct order. I will never order from your company again. I will never recommend anyone to your company.