Tanya G

Because the bike breaks easy. Tubes pop and tires tear really easy and I have already had to replace the pedals and the crank and gear assembly. Additionally, when buying parts through purfix, there are no size or type of bike/frame indicated for parts. I purchased accessories that can't fit on the bike we have (yes, its a purfix). Also, no directions or videos on how to install accessories and no instructions come with parts. I had to search images on rear bike racks and/or fenders to see how other people have attached them; there are lots of variations on attachment and assembly for accessories. Lastly, due to no specifications on size, I ended up buying front and rear fenders that didn't fit the bike. I have spent so much on trying to turn this bike into something it won't be. I feel I should have just spent the $500+ to get a different bike that has everything already on it... oh and lets not forget other bikes also have both front and rear breaks, not just front. This bike costs $300+... why?