Thomas R

I really like the bike quite a bit. I was skeptical due to a number of reviews detailing its lack of a chromoly frame, subpar accessory parts, and some pretty scary (albeit probably builder-error) catastrophic failures. Turns out, coming from a 1982 Sekai, the weight issues from the frame are negligible, the parts are solid for the price, putting it together is a snap (though, I'm sure if you had absolutely no idea what you were doing and didn't look over or tighten and adjust everything, you could run into some trouble.) and it rides really well. My only grievances include the really low psi of your standard tires, and the lack of a rear brake as standard. I get that you really don't need the rear brake when in fixed gearing, but I think at the price-point you're going to get a lot of newbies riding with the freewheel engaged and only a front brake to stop them. It just strikes me as a bit of a safety issue for the uninitiated. Other than that, I got exactly what I paid for and I honestly couldn't ask for more. I'm sure it'll be a solid commuter for quite a while.