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Pure Fix Straight Fork

Model No. OOS

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Picture this: you’re at the dinner table.  Your dad is reading the paper, like always, and your mom is hassling you about your future, your life choices, ya know the sort of junk, “what are you going to do with your life?”  “What do you love?”  “What makes you different from everyone else?”  You’re fed up with it, but still hungry.  A juicy steak is sitting in front of you, slathered in A.1., just waiting.  You grab your knife, reach out with your other hand, and it hits you like a ton of silverware…fork…a fork…that’s it!  A NEW FORK!

These bad boys will get you where you’re going, last a lifetime, and are sure to set you apart from all the rest.  Perfect for any of our standard frames, these 1 1/8” hi-ten steel forks are the ideal addition to your old bike or new build.

Steerer Tube Length:
43cm = 6.75"
47cm-54cm = 6.75"
58cm = 8.25"
61cm = 9"
64cm = 10.5"

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