Introducing Pure Cycles

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Pure Fix was where we began, Pure Cycles is how far we’ve come.

Our answer for men and women of all ages who want to hop on their bike to run errands, ride with their friends and family, commute to work or school, or just get a little exercise! These bikes emphasize comfort, style, and the ease of exploring a city by bike.

Because, let’s face it, there are a ton of ways to get around, but none deliver the same pleasure as pedaling. And because riding is the best part of owning a bike, we work to keep things simple and headache free. From ready-to-ride home delivery, unparalleled customer service, and a street-level knowledge of what makes a bike “just work”, we’re all about making riding more fun and convenient than the alternatives.

Pure Cycles

And we know that all cities aren’t created equally. Even the twin cities are fraternal as opposed to identical, and no one knows the specifics of their streets better than the folks that flourish there. Pure Cycles recognizes those differences by offering a variety of frame, geometry, and gearing options so whether you live in a mountainous metropolis or a sea-level suburb, we’ll have the bike that’s perfect for you. Whether the situation calls for a beach-born cruiser, an urban assault machine, or an upright city-bike, there’s a Pure Cycle that fits the bill!

Pure Cycles is all that good stuff, wrapped up in the passion, commitment, and customer-focus that you’ve come to expect from us. With the same phenomenal service and warranty coverage that got us here, Pure Cycles is a banner we’re proud to hang from the rafters.