About Pure Fix Cycles

Pure Fix Cycles is our celebration of bicycling for all that it offers: transportation, health, and righteous good times. With our economy cooled and our planet warming, there is no better way to get around than riding, cost and carbon free, on a fixed gear bike. In a city where transportation is always a challenge, we can help make your transit something you look forward to.

Our name captures our mission: cycling at its purest. Quality-built fixed gear bikes, directly from the manufacturer to you. That means no frills, no middle men, and best of all, a product that is as easy to use as it is affordable. An unbeatable price tag doesn’t have to mean a compromise in aesthetics, though. We feel that simplicity and efficiency are beautiful ideas, and likewise, can easily translate into stylish motifs. Our bicycles come in a variety of attractive color schemes, from classic to avant-garde, and our selection is always rotating.

While riding a bicycle, in and of itself, is good for your heart, your wallet, and your world...

We know that more can always be done in the improvement of health and the environment. That’s why we are designing cause-themed bikes to raise money for relevant charities. The colors of these bikes will be appropriate to their causes. Our first two models are for charity: water, a wonderful charity that we're so proud to support.

On the business side of things, our mission is the same one we bring to our designs—efficiency first. Our use of web-based relationships for modeling, manufacturing, and shipping has helped us build a business that is equal parts fast, cost-effective, and global. As safety is our fundamental priority, all of our models meet the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission’s bicycle standards, and are assembled using the most trusted materials in the industry.

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