PFTV3: Lycra, Kits, Bibs, and Beating the Heat

Let’s get stretchy! In today’s episode of Pure Fix TV, Amanda will talk us through everything there is to know about Lycra, bike-wear, and making the most of your ride. Let’s jump in and find out just what it is that makes those stretchy clothes so perfect for pushing the pedals! 



When it comes to comfort in the saddle, nothing beats Lycra. Trust us, if there was something better, we’d all be wearing it (especially if it didn’t look quite so silly). But the fact is, when it comes to wicking away sweat and keeping you cool, Lycra is an amazingly technical fabric. It takes a bit of courage to work up the nerve to don your first kit and hit the road, but once you do you’ll never ride more than 10 miles in anything else again.


And besides feeling better, Lycra also makes you perform better! Its form-fitting tightness and slick finish makes air glide right past you and that aerodynamic improvement makes it easier to push the pedals, especially if you’re used to riding in jeans and a t-shirt that will flap in the breeze and drag you back. There’s a reason the pros kit up for every race and it’s not just because it’s so easy to print the sponsors names on spandex. In a race, every marginal gain could be the difference between winning and losing. On your commute, anything that can make it easier and faster is just as exciting.

Show us Your Kit!

So what do you wear when you ride? Bibs and a jersey? Full-on skinsuit? Or do you shun the spandex so you can walk into the shop without all the catcalls and compliments? Snap some pics of you and your friends in your ride-gear and tag them #purefix for your chance at some Insta-love and a chance to be featured right here on the blog yourself!