Kickstarter Picks - Pistol Lake, Eudae

How ‘bout a brand new Kickstarter from same the awesome guys and gals who make our oh-so-soft sweatshirt and hoodie? Always innovating with an eye towards the environment, Pistol Lake just launched this campaign for their newest fabric, Eudae!

Made from recycled bottles and eucalyptus trees, it’s earth friendly but, more importantly, it feels soft, smooth, and wicks away sweat to keep you cool on the road, at home, and anywhere your adventures take you. Check it out!


Pistol Lake gets us. Stylish workout gear with built-in storage and protection for your phone, wallet, and all of your everyday essentials.

Local, US-made, eco-friendly, and super functional, what’s not to love?! Grab yours now to save some dough before the campaign ends. Or pay retail (and get some sweet PF graphics on there) when they hit our site down the road. Because doing good and looking good/feeling good aren’t mutually exclusive. Soon you’ll be able to do both, thanks to Eudae.