Holiday Gift Guide: Holiday Lights

  • Pure Fix Nightlights $14.00

    The brand new Pure Fix Nightlight set is the perfect accessory for night riding.  The smart design allows it to attach to almost any part of your fixie and provide you with all the light you need.   The nightlight comes in five different colors and the high-powered LED will illuminate any dark and spooky situation. The light has 3 modes: Steady, fast flashing, and slow flashing. Set contains TWO Lights (front and rear).

  • Knog Blinder Road Front Light $79.99

    Come, plebeians, and gather round to hear to tale of the Knog Blinder Road! This compact and completely waterproof light includes parts crafted from silicon for stretch, stainless steel for strength, and aluminum to save weight. The light output matches that of the great god Zeus’ bolts, with 200 lumens of titan crushing brightness. With this as your weapon, nothing can stand in your way, because you’ll see it all. So grab one, and conquer the dark! Specs 200 Lumens...

  • Knog Blinder Road Rear Light $59.99

    Now for the tale of the Knog Blinder Road Rear. This rear light has a colossal 70 lumen strobe, with numerous settings for every riding situation. With the Knog’s blindingly bright beam, it will be as if you are standing atop Mount Olympus, shouting with the thunder of a thousand sirens. “See me,” you will scream, “FEAR ME!” And all will see you and watch with awe and pure wonder as you ride to battle your foes. Truly, this is...

  • Defender Bike Light $39.00

    The World's First Theft-Resistant Bike Light. Made of lightweight aluminum with using ultra-bright LEDs and 100 hours battery life.  Comes with custom Gotham security screw drivers, and 3 x AA batteries, and adjustable spacers to fit your handlebars.  Matte Black Finish. SPECIFICATIONS  Weight (G): 232  Dimensions (MM): 10 x 42 x 80  Bar Sizes (MM): 22 to 32  Batteries: 3 AA  Battery Life (HR):50 steady, 100 flashing  Beam: 30Á spread, 80Á periphery hotspot  Brightness: 50 Lumen  Power: 1 Watt

  • Orp Horn + Light $65.00

    It’s a light, it’s a horn, and it all comes in a sleek, smooth, USB rechargeable package. What’s that you say? Are unicorns real? Well, no…at least, not anymore…why do you ask? Oh, because the Orp seems so magical, you’d assume I also had a fleet of unicorns at my beck and call? Yes, t’would make sense. Sadly, unicorns are still a dream, but the Orp is a reality, so swoop one now! Orp is a combination dual tone, high...

  • Bookman Lights $29.00

    Looking to step up your light game?  Look no further!  These bad boys are compact, super lightweight, and crazy bright.  Weather resistant, so they can be used all year. Modes Slow flashing Fast flashing Steady light Package content 1 front light (white led) 1 rear light (red led) Batteries 2 x CR2032 (in each) To change the batteries, loosen the screwson the bottom. Bookman Light is weather resistant.