Finish the Ride - Sunday

Looking to have some fun and do some good this weekend? On Sunday hundreds of Angelenos will gather for 2015's Finish the Ride, Run, Walk 'n Roll. With several closed-street routes to choose from, there are events for every distance and determination level, as well as a street festival, safety expo, raffles, prizes, and activities for the kids! There's even a Pure City bike being given away as part of the festivities!

The money raised will help Finish the Ride and Damian Kevitt continue their tireless work toward ending the hit and run epidemic that currently plagues our city, state, and country. So, if you hate hit and runs as much as we do, or just want to spend Sunday in the company of people having a great time doing what they love, join us! Register here, show up on Sunday, and let's have a blast making hit and runs a thing of the past!