National Bike Month

It’s almost that time of year again! That magical month when millions pull their slumbering steeds from storage and retake the streets; May is National Bike Month!

For some of us, Bike Month never ends, but for the rest of the country, May’s promises of clear skies, balmy breezes, and sun-kissed scenery are the siren song of Spring. Since 1956, May has been National Bike Month and the last six decades have seen an incredible growth in both the number of riders and the variety of events celebrating cycling.

National Bike Challenge Kickoff – May 1

Every year, People for Bikes challenges riders (and teams) to track their mileage through the Summer and this year’s goal is to get 75,000 people pedaling 35,000,000 total miles between May and September. The hope is to get more bikes on the road, help people to see bikes as an easy transportation alternative to their rolling living rooms, save money, reduce road damage, pollution, and most importantly, spread the joy of flying on two wheels. You earn “achievements” for riding your bike and hitting milestones, and a series of raffles throughout the challenge give you a chance to win some sweet bike gear, just for doing your thing! The Challenge runs through September, so sign up, track your miles, and be a part of the movement!

Bike to School Day – May 6

Since 2012, Bike to School Day has been a growing part of National Bike Month. It’s the perfect chance for kids to learn how fun riding to school can be, to start the day with some fresh air and exercise, and to encourage a safer school experience where the streets aren’t clogged with SUVs sped along by parents rushing to work after dropping off their progeny. Study after study shows that more kids walking and riding to school drastically reduces the number of accident-related injuries at drop-off and pick-up by reducing the number of cars. (After all, it’s kind of a no-brainer that the fewer 3000lbs steel boxes capable of 60mph kids have to compete with, the safer they’ll be). Check with your local school to see if there are any special events planned, and ditch the carpool on the 6th for a bike ride instead!

CycloFemme – May 10

May 10th, riders all over the world take to the streets to celebrate women on bikes. The annual Mother’s Day rides are a perfect chance to get outside with Mom and Grandma for a day in the sun. With 163 rides in 14 countries, there’s bound to be one near you and, if not, you can always create your own! CycloFemme doesn’t care if you’re a man or a woman, as long as you’re excited to celebrate the fantastic force for feminine freedom that bikes were in the twentieth century (and continue to be today).


Bike to Work Week – May 11 to May 15

Here at Pure Fix, we tend to go over the top, so while May for us is Bike to Work Month, most cities celebrate with a slightly less intimidating Bike to Work Week. This year’s runs May 11th to 15th and it’s the perfect time to tackle your commute by bike! Ride yourself to work, ride to your errands, any of the short trips you make regularly can be done easily on two-wheels and, as cities do more to accommodate cycling for transportation, it only gets easier. Check your local government’s website to find the official “Bike to Work Day” in your town and see what your city’s doing to celebrate the week! In LA, we have everything from the Blessing of the Bicycles, Bike-In Movie Night, Art Shows, and more!

Need a Ride Giveaway – May 31

The last day of the month is also the last day to enter our giveaway to win a free bike! If you need a new ride, but haven’t been able to pull the trigger for whatever reason – check out the contest. You’ve got until May 31 to create a video and tell us how a new bike would improve your life. And, with all of Bike Month to provide inspiration, I’m sure you’ll come up with something awesome!

And that’s just the events off the top of my head! Be sure to look around locally, because in May it feels like every cycling club, shop, and even “that dude with all the bikes in his garage” does something to celebrate. And the best part? Once you experience how great May is by bike, you might just make June Bike Month too!