Our Giveaway Winners!

We did it! Well, you did it! Two months ago, we asked you to send us a quick video telling us who you are, who you hope to be, and how a bike would help you get there. The videos rolled in and we were blown away by all the different ways a bike can improve someone’s life. From transportation, to inspiration, to just plain happiness - sure, we knew bikes were awesome, but you made us go straight to the rack and hug our two-wheeled friends.

We’d planned on giving away two bikes, but we just couldn’t narrow it down, so we’re proud to announce that we have four winners! First up is David Rock - New Yorker, videographer, and man on the move. David chose a Wallace to get help him get more done in the city that never sleeps.



Our next winner, Yechan Choi, is a photographer, philosopher, and walker, but luckily he’ll be rolling soon! Yechan chose a Coolidge to carry him to far-off photo locations.



This winning video came in from Christopher Tharp - father, sweetheart, and victim of soul-less bike thieves. But, Chris will be rolling with his kids again in no time on his brand new Bravo!



Last but not least, this adorable winning vid came in from Cory Stanford. Despite some cute confusion about who would get the bike, soon Cory will be glowing around town with the kids on his new Kilo! (The password for the video is “Superman”)



We were so moved by all of your stories. The four winners earned the bike of their dreams and we couldn’t help but do a little something for the runners up as well. It’s an amazing feeling to know that something as simple as a bicycle can make such an impact on someone’s life, and we’re touched that you shared your lives, hopes, and dreams with us. We can’t wait to do it again, so stay tuned for the next one! Now, go tell your bike you love it.