Before the dust had settled at the Civic Center Crit (and while several after-after parties were still rolling), intrepid riders were already making their way to the Encino Velodrome for Tracklandia.


Over 50 riders came together to see who would be crowned the universal track champion, and with multiple divisions for the Women and Men – there was plenty of racing for the fans to enjoy.


SWAT created and promoted the event, the Encino Velodrome played the perfect host and backdrop for a Sunday night slammed with races, and Gus Sarmiento captured it all on film to share the experience! At 5pm, all the happy riders gathered in the infield and got ready to roll.


Flying 200s served as qualifiers to set the divisions, and a three race Omnium determined the podium in each field. Riders as young as 14 competed, cheered on by friends, family, and the cycling community.

And the competition wasn’t limited to the track. Pizza eating contests, (U)sack races, “gambling”, and carnival games kept everyone entertained while homemade goodies like brownies, cookies, and banmi (vegan of course) meant the only real loser of the night was hunger.

It was a great day for racing. Pure Fix's Jason Rivera took 2nd Place in the top Men’s division, finishing second in all three omnium races, and fellow Pure Fix Racers Angel Rodriguez and Carlos Hurtado took the top two spots in the men’s B-field!


It was a great way to spend a Sunday and hopefully we won’t have to wait another galactic century before the next one! When Tracklandia does roll around again, we’ll see you there.