National Bike Challenge - 2 Weeks to Go!

We’re rapidly approaching the end of the National Bike Challenge, so it’s the last two weeks to get in those monster miles! If you don’t have the monster miles in you, even baby miles work! Ride to the coffee shop sometime this week. Swap one day of commuting by car for a leisurely bike ride. Take the fam out for a two-wheeled picnic – the important thing is to get counted.

People for Bikes works hard to make biking better for everyone and they’ll use the data from this drive to build a new arsenal of advocacy for the coming year. If you haven’t signed up yet, there are still prizes to win, people to meet, and bikes to ride! And don’t forget to join Team Pure Fix for your chance to win some goodies from us!

As a team, we’ve already covered 27,749 miles and we’d love to see that top 30,000! To put that in perspective, we’ve burned over 1.5 million calories (2,671 Big Macs), saved over $9,800 in gas, and saved more than 15,000 pounds of CO2!

As a company we’ve ridden 19,812 miles and we’re still going strong! That’s almost all the way around the world or, in terms Jules Verne can understand, 5 journeys to the centre of the earth! Rain or shine, you’ll find us out there – and we hope for the next two weeks, we’ll see you riding too.