CicLAvia - 5 Year Anniversary Ride

CicLAvia is always a good time. What's better than long stretches of usually traffic clogged streets closed off to cars and clogged with cyclists instead? Sharing the concrete with thousands of bike riding Angelenos on a Sunday afternoon is not only a great time - it's a fundamentally transformative experience for the city itself. With each CicLAvia LA's bicycle culture and community get stronger and stronger. Last Sunday's CicALvia in DTLA was no exception. Riding a car-free DTLA was a truly awesome experience!

The DTLA route allowed cyclists to approach the heart of Los Angeles from three different directions; from the North (MacArthur Park), the East (China Town) and the South (Hollenbeck Park). All converged at Grand Park under the looming white edifice of City Hall. This route plan fanned riders out in three directions and allowed for more room to ride with fewer pinch points at intersections. 

We took this opportunity to join the multitudes of smiling cyclists and search for Pure Fix and Pure City riders to reward with t-shirts, bike lights, water bottles and bells. Lucky for us the search was an easy one as the Pure Fix / City family was out in force! We had a blast waving down our riders and rewarding them with swag. It felt like we were a squad of CicLAvia Santa Claus's giving gifts to all the good boys and girls! 

Here are some of the Pure Fix and Pure City riders we met while riding CicLAvia.

Thanks to everyone (regardless of what you ride!) who came out to participate in CicLAvia and show the world that LA loves their bikes! We can't wait to ride again with you in March, 2016!