Yo! Big news! Check below for more info:


Well hereyee hereyee! Welcome to Juliet 2.0! Our latest (and obviously greatest) model has several frame improvements that will knock your socks off. Tasteful yet subtle, generous yet price-increase free! Here to explain each and every change we made on all our new bikes (in all shapes, colors and sizes) which we'll roll out slowly over the next 2 months. 

Firstly, As you can see above, we threw in a new rear dropout tensioning system. This safer, more heavyweight tensioner tensions the chain from the inside, versus the outside, resulting in more control, better performance, and more durability.

Secondly, we added a badge! Our Pure Fix badge, designed by our buddy (and a fellow rider) Sam Stratton is a beautiful new addition to any bike. But, to these especially, it brings the whole bike together and adds a real layer of beauty! In terms of labeling, we also added a sizing sticker to the down tube, which conveniently reaffirms you picked the right size for your bike.

Not done yet! We threw on a stronger, lighter crank. This should help you get up those hills, while allowing you to tighten that fifth crank bolt which was previously covered. Also, we added a refined pedal design to our cranks which also come in a bit lighter than the previous ones.

Next, we added a new saddle to give you more comfort on the road! This 'comfort' saddle will keep your tush riding comfortably while giving you all the performance your body desires.

Then, we added more bottle holder screws to give you a bit more versatility on longer rides. Maybe you want to add a mountable mini pump in addition to your bottle holder? No prob.

THEN! We added rear rack mount screws for added versatility with racks and external rear accessories. A new, higher performance front brake, standard, too!

That's all, folks! Anyhow, the bike comes in at the same price of $325 and you'll start to see these new features on all our bikes over the next two months so keep an eye out!

Pure Fix