2017's already gearing up to be a year of personal bests, hard-fought championships, and new world records. So, when New Balance reached out and said they wanted some...

Our mission with Pure Fix is simple: grow the bicycling population. For us, biking is the highlight of our day. That's why we started this company. While the fixed-ge...

At Pure Fix, we like to celebrate cycling. May especially. May 1st starts Bike To Work month. Did you know? It's the 1 month of the year that we get to celebrate the freedom to ride.

We're excited to announce we've partnered with TOMS! With the release of their brand new Marketplace, our Uniform is a featured product that helps raise money for our friends at charity: water. We could not be more thrilled to be a part of the TOMS family. Besides our Uniform, they have some amazing products from our friends at Apolis, LSTN & more.


So excited to announce we have officially 'Gone Google'! We've been working closely with the Google team for quite a while now, and they finally released a commercial starring...yours truly!


One of our friends took a whole slew of our bikes to Dubai and filmed a brilliant piece for Fishtail Rides with our bikes. Check out the video below and ride with FishTail if you're in their neighborhood! Great people, great times.

Having worked at Pure Fix for three months now, I've waited long and hard for my City Bike. Now that my beloved Crosby is finally built up (thanks to a bike mechanic...

Now that you're skidding like a boss, you've probably noticed that it's not exactly easy on your tires. And what's hard on your tires is hard on your wallet, and that's no good!

Skidding drags your tire along the pavement, chews through rubber, and that can lead to flat spots (less efficiency means you work harder and go slower) and force you replace your tires more often. So what can you do to make sure you don't turn those black rubber beauts into something like this?

With great excitement, we're launching Pure Fix Season 2! We have a ton of amazing episodes which aim to answer some of the most frequently asked questions from you guys. If you have others, let us know at @PureFixTV and with #purefix. We're listening!

So you just got a giant package from Pure Fix, you open it up and realize the bike is only 90% assembled. Now what?


Together, we built the premier, industry-leading single-speed / fixed-gear bicycle brand. Now, we feel it's a natural progression to build the coolest, most affordable city bicycle line on the planet.

Proud to announce we're deep underway, working on a brand-new season of Pure Fix TV. We have more brilliant episodes to share with you and we can't wait for you to see these. 

Everything from how to best change your tube to how to pick which bars work best for your riding style, we'll lay it down for you. Below are some sneak peak shots from our behind the scenes iPhonographer, China!


The all new Juliet

Well hereyee hereyee! Welcome to Juliet 2.0! Our latest (and obviously greatest) model has several frame improvements that will knock your socks off. Tasteful yet subtle, generous yet price-increase free! Here to explain each and every change we made on all our new bikes (in all shapes, colors and sizes) which we'll roll out slowly over the next 2 months.

I know we always say this, but we actually couldn't be more excited this time to release a collaboration bike with one of the best-doing charities in town (and in the world), charity: water. Scott Harrison and his brilliant team have done an oh-so amazing job at revolutionizing the way charitable contributions are accounted for, recognized and put to use. From the individual twitter accounts being managed for specific drilling trucks in the middle of Africa to more charts than you could ever wrap your head around, these guys do some of the best charitable work I've ever seen.

Yo! Good news! Summer is here. That & we've restocked on TONS of models. Looking for an X-Ray in your size? We should have it! Echo? Got it! Check out all our models on our bikes page! More apparel, too! Now get out there and ride!

We were lucky enough to be asked to participate in a BMW photo shoot for one of their top secret models that had yet to be released. So, after a 5AM call time in West Hollywood, CA, we, with our India, sat while a crew of 50 or so German-based team members prepped and shot their new wagon with our India. The shoot was a blast and we can't wait to see the photo in the new brochures.