In Denmark, Exercising Equals Electricity

Here is an awesome new idea from those ever-innovating Danes.  A hotel in Denmark is actually paying its customers to get on an exercise bike and pedal.

The bikes are hooked up to generators that turn pedaling power into pure electricity.  Pedaling for about 15 minutes can generate up to 10-watt hours of electricity, which the hotel then uses to power, well, itself.  Not only is the hotel promoting healthy living, it’s keeping green at the same time.

Guests who hop on the stationary cycles and pound out those 15 minutes receive a $36 food voucher.  I do find it a bit funny that the reward for doing exercise is free food, but hey, whatever works.  And anything that promotes biking in any form is fine by me.

So ride on you crafty Copenhageners, ride on!