How To Store a Bicycle Long-Term

When it comes to bike maintenance it’s really easy to fall down a rabbit hole of tips, tricks and hacks from Youtube and elsewhere. Today we wanted to shed some light ...

We all know there’s about nothing as attractive as a cute girl on a beautiful bike.  But did you know there’s nothing as safe as a girl on a bike either?

Confused?  Good, I did that so that you’d want to keep reading.  You just got teasered!

Denmark Electric Bike

Here is an awesome new idea from those ever-innovating Danes.  A hotel in Denmark is actually paying its customers to get on an exercise bike and pedal.

The bikes are hooked up to generators that turn pedaling power into pure electricity.

Check out this sweeeeeet cutout from an 1895 edition of the Boston Sunday Globe.


If you missed it, we sponsored the Wolfpack Hustle Drag Race and it was one of the greatest fixed-gear events that we have been involved with.  A drag race shows who is truly the fastest rider and this race did precisely that. The 1,000 feet straight away located in the famous 2nd St. tunnel in Downtown, LA proved that Tim McGee (23.55 seconds) and Beatriz Rodriguez (28.08 seconds) were the fastest fixed-gear riders in all of Los Angeles.

Giving Back

Here at Pure Fix, we’re all about giving back to the community. It’s important to us that we help give back to those who have helped support our business. We live in Los Angeles also, so anything we can do to give back, we will. Our most recent donation and give-away was at Synergy Quantum Academy.