Fixie Furniture

While playing around on the internet for work (yes, my job is awesome) I stumbled upon some sweet fixie inspired furnishings.  I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off some of the fixie furniture we have around the office here.  Who knows, maybe it’ll inspire some of you to whip up some bike-work of your own…and post it on our facebook and instagram, of course!

Our awesome fixie table, my personal favorite.  Well, second favorite, my real favorite is Charlie.

This is Charlie

Gotta love bikes on walls...

...and wheels...

...and skateboards with bikes drawn on them, of course

Extra handlebars?  Turn those bad boys into coat/hat racks!

Or put them on top of some hanging shelves

Or just hang them up

Okay, so we don't have this awesome piece of art...yet...but Delta, anyone?