How To Store a Bicycle Long-Term

When it comes to bike maintenance it’s really easy to fall down a rabbit hole of tips, tricks and hacks from Youtube and elsewhere. Today we wanted to shed some light ...

Well, that was fun! We had a blast doing our best to ride to work every day. We totaled more than 1,000 miles in our commutes and had a damn good time doing so. We put together this infographic to show you how it all went. Oh, and we promised the LACBC we'd donate $5 per ride to them. And we did! Find that & tons of other fun facts in the attached infographic. Now ride!


When: Saturday, March 15th at 10:30am
Start: Pure Fix HQ
Pure Fix HQ
713 N Victory Blvd
Burbank, CA 91502
End: The Drome
Encino Velodrome
17301 Oxnard St
Los Angeles, CA 91316

Black Friday has come and gone, but have no fear!  It’s time for BF’s little sibling to do its thang…that’s right, folks, it’s Cyber Monday.

All right, I’ve been waiting to post on this thing for a while now, and it’s finally time! I always hate it when a blog post appears touting an awesome product that I need to have, only for me to discover the thing isn’t even on the market (and yes, I’ve even done this to myself, remember the Overade…still want this thing!).

I thought it would be a cool idea to do some posts showing off the custom two-wheeled machines we call our own here at Pure Fix HQ. Throw up some pictures and a little paragraph from each person explaining their own personal philosophy on cycling/life/whatever they wanted to whip together in five minutes and email me.

Team Pure Fix is going to be out in full force!

Alright, we’re only days away from the Marathon Crash Race and we’re getting pretty pumped.  We’ve been going on a few training rides and setting our alarms extra early to be ready for this bad boy.

We all know there’s about nothing as attractive as a cute girl on a beautiful bike.  But did you know there’s nothing as safe as a girl on a bike either?

Confused?  Good, I did that so that you’d want to keep reading.  You just got teasered!

Wolfpack Hustle has an amazing 3-race series set up for this year, and we're pretty pumped for the first one, the Marathon Crash Race.  Hitting the streets at 4:30 a.m., right when they start closing off the streets, the course runs the route of the LA Marathon.  It's going to be crazy and we're all going to be there with swag and a bunch of goodies for anyone on a Pure Fix!

Fixed Gear FurnitureWhile playing around on the internet for work (yes, my job is awesome) I stumbled upon some sweet fixie inspired furnishings.  I thought I’d take the opportunity to show off some of the fixie furniture we have around the office here.

I always have a hard time convincing myself to buy a new helmet…unless it’s after a crash, of course.  But here’s one that definitely made me pull out my wallet.