How to change your Tires

Putting a tire on isn’t as hard as you may think. This is a step by step post about how to put your tire on. Today we are using a Dark Blue 50mm Fixie wheel and a green 28x700C Kenda tire.

Equipment you will need: Rim, Tire, Tube, Rim Tape, Tire Levers, and a Bicycle Pump

Step 1:  Whether you are using rubber or clothe rim tape, the most important part of this process is covering the spoke holes and aligning the valve hole. The rim tape is crucial because it adds a layer of protection for the tube, allowing you to ride longer without getting a flat.

Step 2:  Take the tube out of the box, and fill it with a small amount of air. Just enough air so that the tube has its circular shape & place the tube into the tire.


Step 3:  Fitting the tire and tube around the rim is a bit difficult, but very possible. Once both the rim and tire have been fitted around most of the rim, let all of the air out of the tube, to make it as easy as possible to put the new tire on. You will be able to get most of the tire on by hand, but for the last bit you will want to use a tire lever, or two. 

Step 4:  For the last bit of the tire that’s still hanging over the rim, you will use a tire lever to bring the tire fully on the rim. Take the lever, or levers and push in on the tire with your hands, working your way around with the lever until it pops into place. 

Step 5:  Fill the tire with air, and ride!