[EXPIRED] Pure Fix Cycles' First Annual Black Friday Sale (and cyber monday too).

Well well, my dears! It's finally that time of year again. Our company is selling our beloved bikes to the masses for brown dirt-cheap. $299 seems a little too low. $325, Free Shipping sounds about right. Happy?


Wait a minute. Actually, we love you guys a lot and are more thankful than you know for your feedback and support. Fuck it. $299. Free Shipping? Fine. I'm trying to feed a family of 4 here so this price is only good until Cyber Mondays sale ends.

Wheelsets, you ask. We'll let you steal our wheelsets from us for $99 a set. To be completely honest, my blog writing tush could/should/will be fired for dropping prices this low, but I'm doing it anyway because I'm thankful for you all and want to express my gratitude. In wheelsets...

Aerospokes? Ooooh la la! Want one? Front? Rear? Pink? Carbon? We have 'em. Pick any color you want, front or back - $349. Prefer the natural carbon? Want to save a few bucks? $299, IN YOUR FACE! Please dudes, lock these up, they're the real deal.

Drops? Bulls? Risers? Typically, these puppies go for $30 (including tape). Today? $20 bones. Amazing accessory. I have some red ones on my Juliet.

Ourys? Tomorrow? $12/pair. Today? $9. Who loves ya?

Can't find something you're looking for? Questions? Just call us: 424.234.9435 - Calling too old-fashioned? Tweet at us or find us on Facebook. Thanks y'all. We love you - we really do.