New Bike Owner. Now what?

So you just got a giant package from Pure Fix, you open it up and realize the bike is only 90% assembled. Now what?

The first step toward being the best bike owner you can be is to bring that package to your local bike shop. I know, I know, the box is so big and you don’t feel like lugging it the few blocks to your local shop, but just remember that having the bike professionally assembled means you can trust it’s greased and tightened to spec, tuned up, and safe to ride! 

Getting your bike professionally assembled also means that you’re all set to register your bike. If you’re really curious about how the bike mechanics assemble your prized possession, then check out this episode of Pure Fix TV!

Now that your bike has been built up by a professional, you can start logging in those longer rides you dreamed of when you first purchased the bike. If you’re riding very often (let’s say nearly every day), you’ll want to lube your chain and make sure everything is nice and tight about once a week. If you’re just riding every once in a while, then you’ll want to do those maintenance steps between every few rides.

As always, be sure to wipe down your bike whenever it gets wet, and lock it up when you’re not riding it to stop those nasty bike thieves out there! 

Ride on, Party on,